My 30 Minutes A Day Social Media Management Plan

My 30 Minutes A Day Social Media Management Plan

I’m currently managing the social media activities for six websites across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn in less than 30 minutes per-day. This is how I do it…

My 30 Minutes A Day Social Media Management Plan

OK I admit it, I’m a Social Media junky and in the last twelve months I’ve also set up and run several websites each with their own social media channels. Each of these small enterprises were set up on a shoestring budget without the luxury of paid advertising and/or people to focus on building their traffic…apart from me. So before I knew it, I was faced with the challenge of finding and posting relevant content across multiple Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts to build the traffic to my websites. Of course there are many ways of doing this, this article will show you how I have tackled the challenge in less than 30 minutes a day.

Finding Good Content

The 80/20 rule (as with many things in life) is very important in Social Media. That is, the content you post should be 80% about topics your followers will be interested in and only 20% about your products and services. As I said, I don’t use any ‘paid for’ services to create content for my websites, so it’s important that I can find good content regularly.


Feedly-logoFeedly is a free application that searches the internet for articles, videos (etc.) on the topics of your choice. Since the demise of Google Reader it has become my go-to application for finding things of interest on the internet. It’s available through your browser and as an App on your favourite mobile devices.

You can use Feedly to fetch your favourite RSS feeds, search google and much more. When you visit your account, content’s shown under the headings you’ve selected and you can then  browse and share, without leaving Feedly.

By logging into Feedly each morning, I have a constant choice of content to share . But finding the content is only the first part of the problem. If I had to individually post each item across multiple social media channels it would take all of my time, so this is where the next tool in my toolbox comes in to play.


imagesBuffer is an application that allows you to post content to multiple social media accounts at the times you want to post it. Once again Buffer has browser plugins and mobile application devices to allow you to schedule posts from anywhere. In addition, Buffer fully integrates with Feedly so you can schedule your posts within the one application.

Buffer offers a free account which limits the number of accounts you can post to, but their $10 per-month options lets you post to up to twelve accounts as often as you please. They also have business plans available for those who need more accounts.

The key benefits I derive from using buffer are:

  • Fast Posting Across Multiple Accounts straight from by desktop or mobile device;
  • Scheduled Posting – I can set the time I would like an individual  post to be delivered;
  • Buffered Posts – I can set posts to ‘buffer’ which means they’ll be queued up and posted at the times of day I decide I want to post;
  • Target The Best Times To Post – using a free Followerwonk account, you can analyse what times your twitter followers are actually on twitter and have buffer post at those times;
  • Analytics – Buffer provides free analytics reports which show you how your content is viewed and shared. This helps you to work out what your followers like to share so you can fine tune the content you share.
  • Team Work – you can allow others to use your Buffer account and schedule posts for you. This is great if you have a team to help you.

Now there are other tools such as Hootsuite that I would recommend if like me you are starting to offer social media services to your clients. However, if you’re just trying to keep on top of your own personal and/or business social media accounts Buffer could be the ideal solution for you.

My 30 Minutes A Day Schedule

AllSo I said I managed all of my accounts in less than 30 minutes which I do. Basically, when I get up I make a coffee, fire up the iMac and Feedly.

There waiting for me in Feedly is a wide range of articles, videos (etc.) listed under topic the headlines that I’ve chosen.

I scan the headlines and images for things that I believe my followers would be interested in. I then click on the item to check the article and if it looks good I click the Buffer icon, select the social media channels I want to post it too, adjust the text (Buffer automatically add the titles or text you’ve highlighted in the post), add #hashtags and either select Post Now, Buffer or Schedule Post…all done!

If I want to read more of the article to check it’s suitable to post, I can click on the link and it’ll open in a new tab in my browser. I can then post it using the Buffer browser plug-in or if I’m on my mobile device,  the Buffer App.

That’s it – less than 30 minutes to post for 6 websites across multiple social media channels!

Of course if I find something else of interest during the day I can also post it using buffer from whatever device I’m on at the time.

Want Help?

If you’re still not convinced that you have 30 minutes to build your business through social media, contact me and We can talk about setting up internet, social media and database marketing solutions that will work for you.




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  1. Thank you John. Good advice! I was wondering how I was going to get targeted articles to clients in my industry and I think feedly is just the place to go!

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