360 Degree Leadership Assessment

360 Degree Leadership Assessment

The MLQ 360 Degree Leadership Assessment is one of the world’s most highly researched assessment tools, the fruit of an international testing, revision and validation excess of twenty years at the highest standard. When used in conjunction with a coaching/development program, the MLQ 360 helps increase the effectiveness of leaders.

The MLQ 360 Consultation Process

Completed online, the MLQ 360 gathers responses from the person being surveyed and up to 24 raters from associates at a higher level, same level, and a lower level. An additional ‘other’ group may also be utilised – for example, the ‘other’ group might be associates, clients, suppliers.

On completion of the questionnaire, I give an extensive report and one-on-one feedback session to unpack the findings with you and start thinking about development opportunities.

Our second one-on-one session will develop  a Leadership Development Plan (LDP) which states which behaviours you will be focusing on developing, when and how. At this point, we also recommend you select an ‘Encourager’ who will hold you accountable for achieving your leadership development goals.


On receipt of your order and payment, I will contact you to arrange the assessment and feedback process. In the meantime, should you have any questions at all please use the Contact Us Form.

AU$860 Includes MLQ 360 Report and 2 x Coaching Sessions
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