6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A WordPress Website

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A WordPress Website

If your business isn’t using a WordPress website, you’re missing out on some great benefits. Here are just six of them…

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A WordPress Website

It’s never been more important for businesses large and small to use the internet and social media to build  a better business. Yet small business owners often hold back from entering the digital age because of cost and/or their technical knowledge. With the advent of WordPress, a tool I’ve used to build websites and online communities for 5+ years, there really is no excuse not to. Here’s six reasons why…

1. No Need for Expensive Web Developers

Perhaps the best thing about using WordPress is you don’t need any web development experience to create a great website for your business. Most web hosting companies offer automatic WordPress installation. With a few pointers, WordPress is simple to use making it easy to create visually impressive pages, blog posts and sell your products. For most business uses there’s no need for ongoing support from web development companies, you’re in control of what gets posted, where and when.

2. Simple Website Redesign

WordPress uses ‘themes’ (pre-designed templates) that make it simple to completely redesign your website without a team of designers.  There are thousands of themes available (many free) so once you decide it’s time for a makeover you simply install a new theme for a completely new look and feel to your website without losing any of your existing content!

3. What Do You Want Your Website To Do? There’s A plugin For That

Wordpress PluginsWhatever you’d like your website to do, chances are there’s a WordPress Plugin to do it. Plugins are easy to install and help you add the features to your website that will help you meet your business goals. With a little knowledge and imagination, there’s no end to the things you’ll be able to do. To see just a few of the popular free plugins click here>>>.

4. Demystify SEO

WordPress’s built-in functions help you make your content search engine friendly. When creating a page/post you can add categories for your posts, assign ALT tags to images, clearly define your H1 and H2 headlines, and assigns tags to your posts. In addition, plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast will help you fine tune your content to boost your Google and other search engine placements.

5. Get Your Content Seen By Customers And Prospects

WordPress easily links to other marketing channels such as social media, email marketing and smart phone apps to distribute your content. Doing so helps make sure that your content is seen by the people that count – customers and prospects. Integrated database marketing is now within the reach of even small business!

6. Support, Support, Support

WordPress communities that offer free advice and tutorials from basic to advanced are springing up around the internet and social media all the time. If you get stuck it’s easy to look into these community groups, search previous questions and or ask for help.

Still Too Busy?

Hopefully you can see how WordPress can help your business, but many of you are thinking you’re just too busy right? Don’t despair, I can help you get a great WordPress website up and running quickly and cost effectively – contact me to learn how.

Author: JohnBelchamber (57 Posts)

Founder & Senior Consultant at Invoke Results, John Belchamber has been passionate about developing people and business performance since taking up his first management role at the age of 19. John’s experience across a range of business disciplines and industries ensures that he is able to help his clients 'build a better business'.

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