7 ‘Must Do’ Tips For Building Your LinkedIn Profile

7 ‘Must Do’ Tips For Building Your LinkedIn Profile
7 ‘Must Do’ Tips For Building Your LinkedIn Profile: if you want to build business through LinkedIn, here are some ‘must do’ tips to do today.

Why Use LinkedIn?

I’ve been on LinkedIn pretty much since it started, but I confess its only been this year that I have really begun to use it effectively and have quantified the real business I’ve written as a direct result of these efforts. In the last three months I’ve invoiced $15,000 of consulting business as a direct result of LinkedIn and I fully expect this upwards trend to continue.
It seems I’m not alone according to this article about David Ogilvie who secured a $4m contract for his business through his effective use of the features in LinkedIn. Recent statistics show that 75% of B2B purchases use Social Media to research their purchases and importantly, 57% of them make their purchasing decision before they contact you and/or speak with a salesperson.
So, here’s 7 tips on how you can start making LinkedIn work for your business…

7 LinkedIn Tips

  1. ChecklistUpdate Your Profile: make sure it tells people why they should do business with you with text, images, videos that tell your story for you;
  2. Update Your Employees’ Profiles: people will look at their profiles when they’re researching your business. Make sure that they’re representing you well;
  3. Start A Business Page: add your products, services, video and special offers and then spread the word to get people following your business;
  4. Connect With The Right People: work out who you want to talk to, connect with them and then communicate with them;
  5. Start And/Or Join Groups:  join the groups where your prospects are active and/or that are related to what you do. Don’t spam groups with your content. Start business related conversations that add value to other members;
  6. Become A Person Of Influence: post useful content using the 80/20 rule (i.e.only 20% about what you sell) and ask/answer questions to get yourself known as a person that knows their stuff!
  7. Be Consistent: put aside 20 minutes a day to interact with LinkedIn and other social media channels. Remember – your $4m deal is out there waiting for you!

Free e-book: Using LinkedIn To Build Your Business

Free e-book: Using LinkedIn To Build Your Business: in this free e-book I give tips for optimising your presence on LinkedIn to build your professional and business profile. Download it here >>>

If you’d like to talk to me about building an effective LinkedIn present, please contact me now.

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