About Discus DISC Profiling

About Discus DISC Profiling

Discus DISC Profiling: In order to gain the best from your people, you need to gain all the insights you can into their preferred working behaviour, or personality so that you can ensure that they are a great match for your organisation and, that their leaders know how to get the best sustainable performance from them.

A Discus DISC Profile gives you that insight, drawing on an industry standard psychometric technique to create the most advanced DISC reporting available. Based on a simple and straightforward set of DISC profile test, the Discus DISC profiler can compile detailed and informative reports that will tell you everything you need to know about a person, from their inner motivations to their working style.

The Discus DISC Profiling Advantages

The Discus service gives you immense advantages over traditional methods of psychometric profiling. Just take a look at some of the ways Discus can make your personality profiling strategy more streamlined and cost-effective:

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What can a DISC Profile Tell You?

A Discus DISC report doesn’t just explain the overall style of an individual candidate, but explains how they’re likely to perform their role. Discus reports looks at key areas like motivation, communication style and decision making to describe a person’s working style in truly practical and useful ways.

The Discus Enhanced  report goes further, exploring a candidate’s behavioural suitability for roles in management, sales, service and technical work. It also provides detailed descriptions of the persona’s approach to working relationships and teams as well as a selection of questions for a behavioural interview.

Discus Online DISC Profiling Proves Everything You Need

logo_discus_onlineDiscus Online DISC profiling is the most powerful, complete and cost-effective DISC tool available to people who work within staff performance, attraction, recruitment and selection . Create a profile from any of the built-in online DISC questionnaires (available in multiple languages), and the Discus Online system will give you a complete assessment report within moments (also available in multiple languages).

Discus Online also provides a host of extra features, from job matching to relationship assessment to team building and beyond. If you want to increase the performance of the people in your organisation then you should be using Discus DISC profiling.

Discus DISC Profile Reports

  • Classic Report includes a full set of DISC graphs, a trait analysis, a detailed glossary and more besides. View a sample Classic Report >>>
  • Enhanced Report contains all the same depth of content as the Classic version, but with an extra eleven sections of analysis. View a sample Enhanced Report >>>
  • Feedback Report is a broad overview of a personality written from the candidate’s perspective, designed to give them feedback on their results. The report includes suggestions relating to personal development, as well as helpful career advice. View a sample Feedback Report >>>

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