Accountable Teams Get RACI

Accountable Teams Get RACI

Accountable Teams Get RACI: if you want to increase employee engagement and develop teams that are accountable, put a little RACI in your day!

Accountable Teams Get RACI

As I’ve discussed previously (see The Bouncing Ball Model of Team Performance), an important part of developing high performance teams is ensuring that each team member knows what each other is responsible for and takes ownership/accountability of these goals. This is where using a simple model like RACI (ray-c) is highly effective.

The RACI Model


As can be seen in the image above, the RACI model describes the key roles that people take in achieving a goal or completing a task. The RACI model is used in several ways to communicate roles and responsibilities across an organisation.

Goal Setting

When setting goals allocate a person/people to each of the RACI levels so that everyone in the team is aware of who is accountable and responsible for each of the tasks on the way to achieving the goals. The image below provides an example of what this might look like.


RACI Goal Matrix

The main SMART Goal is clearly defined and the tasks required to achieve that goal are given below with due dates and names against each of the RACI factors as appropriate.

Another way to complete the RACI Matrix is to list the Roles/People across the top row and then allocate the RACI in the cells that intersect each task with the appropriate person.

Which ever way works best for your team, using a RACI Matrix will help you clearly define roles and responsibilities within your team and help them take accountability, responsibility and ownership for their tasks which in turn will lead to more engaged team members and higher performing teams.

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If you’d like to know more about using SMART Goals and RACI Matrix to increase your performance, contact me now.

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