Database Marketing Services

Database Marketing Services

I provide a range of services to increase the return you get from your investment in internet and social media. These Database marketing services will take your sales from new and existing customers too a new level.

Database Marketing: Boost Sales From New & Existing Customers

mail-96870_640How would you like to:

  • Regain lost customers?
  • Increase sales from your current customers?
  • Build an automated stream of pre-qualified prospects?

Successful companies have been using Database Marketing to build their business for years. Large companies have been doing for years for one reason – because it works!

You Can Be Successful Too

With the coming of social media and the internet, being successful at database marketing is no longer the sole domain of large companies – you can successful too!

Recent statistics about email marketing show:

A Great Return On Investment

Adding database marketing via email and social media to your business can bring great returns. According to recent statistics given on B2B said:

“every $1 spent on email marketing returns $40.56 return”

Now these statistics are based on American figures, but event if we chose to half them, 20:1 is a healthy return on investment by anyone’s standards.

If  you had 100 customers each spending on average $100 per-month each your turnover would be $120,000. Now let’s say you increase these figures by 10% (a conservative estimate based on the figures above) your sales would go to $145,200 – an increase of $25.700.

Now your business may have more or less than 100 customers and your average sale per customer may be higher or lower than $100, but I hope you begin to see how the email marketing statistics given can translate directly to your bottom line. What you may not know about the investment required is…

Your business could have an email marketing team building your business for you for just $14,000 per-annum! 


How Do I Make This Happen?

If you’d like to know how we can help you build a better business through email marketing, please complete the form below and we’ll get in touch with you:

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