DISC Job Profiles

DISC Job Profiles

DISC Job Profiles: The influence of behaviour on job performance is a vital factor in recruitment and selection and performance development..

The practice of interviewing candidates face-to-face is designed to help build a clear picture of each applicant’s personal qualities. Discus uses DISC profiling to take this process further, assessing the suitability of a candidate for a job by comparing their working personality against the ideal personality type required for the job. Discus call this process Job Matching.

DISC Job Profiles: Finding the Right Person for the Job

“We hire people for their technical skills, we fire them for their behaviour”

A candidate’s personality will not only give you key details about their individual performance, but also describe how well they are likely to fit into your organisational structure. Discus specialises in understanding a personality, and how it will fit into a job. Its Job Match feature will automatically assess candidates’ personality styles and highlight their potential strengths and likely limitations within any role.

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How Job Matching Works

Discus DISC Job Profiles define the personality needs of a job, using the same DISC model used to describe the candidate’s personality. The DISC profile factors in the job templates are then automatically compared to different candidate styles to find the optimum Job Match.

Profiling a job

  • The Discus Online DISC Job Profiler provides everything needed to describe any job or role in terms of the personality requirements, so it can be compared against the personalities of candidates.
  • Creating DISC job templates with the Discus Online Job Profiler is free of charge.
  • Jobs are profiled using a simple questionnaire, then fine tuned, if necessary, to match your exact needs.
  • Discus Online can also turn your top performers DISC Profile into the Job Profile template.
  • View a sample Job Profile report here >>>

Matching people to jobs

  • Discus matches people to jobs by comparing the candidate’s main personality features against any number of specified job requirements.
  • The result is an ordered checklist showing a breakdown of roles most suited to the candidate’s individual DISC personality type.
  • The Job Match list is ideal for quickly spotting the candidates with the most potential.
  • Discus will also allow you to look at any individual Job Match in much more detail.
  • By comparing specific work-related features of the personality (such as efficiency or persistence) it can tell you exactly how a candidate is likely to fit into any role.
  • View  a sample Job Match report >>>

Matching jobs to people

  • As well as finding optimum roles for a candidate, Discus can also match jobs to people.
  • Just highlight any role, and Discus will track down the candidates with the most suitable DISC personalities for that job.
  • Within either match type, Discus can also create a more detailed analysis to focus on a candidate’s most relevant abilities, and also discuss any likely training requirements.

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