DISC Profile Jokes

DISC Profile Jokes

My family often accuse me of telling bad ‘daddy jokes’ so I thought I’d inflict a few DISC Profile jokes I’ve told over the years on you.

DISC Profile Jokes

‘Always look on the bright side of life’  Monty Python once wisely told us. Over the years as I’ve travelled around the world talking with people about DISC profiling, I always try to remember that learning should be fun and never to take any part of life too seriously. DISC profiling is not different. Whilst some profile types take the process far more seriously than others, having High I in my profile means I can;t go far into a day without a little humour.

My family often accuse me of telling bad ‘daddy jokes’ so I thought I’d inflict a few DISC Profile jokes I’ve told over the years. I hope at least some tickle your funny bone…



Question: What DISC Profile was Admiral Nelson?

Answer: High C of course!

Admiral Nelson to crew member: Tell me what your DISC profile is sailor?

Crew Member: High I Sir!





Question: What is a common DISC Profile of a detective in the UK? 

Answer: CID

Question: What DISC Profile does the chief detective often have?

Answer: DI

Question:  What DISC profile do police need to complete a stop and search?

Answer: ID

Defense.gov_News_Photo_110706-N-VV618-026_-_U.S._Navy_optometrist_Lt._Patricia_Salazar_right_looks_into_a_patient_s_eye_at_the_Los_Angeles_medical_site_in_Puerto_San_Jose_Guatemala_duringQuestion: What DISC Profile might an Optometrist have?

Answer: IC

Question: What DISC Profile might an Optometrist’s patient have?

Answer: CI?

Question: What is the best DISC  Profile for a Forensic Scientist?

Answer: CSI

800px-Will_Kemp_Elizabethan_Clown_JigQuestion: What DISC Profile is most likely to start an argument?

Answer: IS!

Question: What DISC Profile was the Princess Of Wales?

Answer: DI


Question: What DISC Profiles might criticise others?

Answer: DIS

Question: What DISC Profile is the Ground Sloth in the Ice Age movies?

Answer: SID

Enough I Hear You Cry!

Ok, so I’ll stop now but I hope you got a little smile from at least one of my DISC Profile Jokes?

If you’ve got any more please leave a comment below and share your DISC Humour with the world.

Onwards & Upwards!

John Belchamber



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