DISC Profiling Starter Pack

DISC Profiling Starter Pack

DISC Profiling Starter Pack – get started with discus DISC Profiling with a Discus Online account and five profile credits.

DISC Profiling Starter Pack

Get started with the world’s leading DISC Profiling tool discus with our DISC Profiling Starter Pack which includes:

  • A Discus Online account  giving you access to individual, job, relationship and team DISC profiling;discus_screenshot
  • Five DISC Credits, enough to produce five discus classic DISC reports, a team report, job comparison  and relationship reports;
  • Access to extensive online DISC reference materials;
  • Free iPad and/or iPhone DISC profiling Apps linked to your Discus Online account;
  • Online technical support;

Once we receive confirmation of your payment, we will set up your DISC profiling package and email you you your login details along with a quick start guide. You’ll be produce professional DISC Profiles online within minutes.

AU$185 - includes Discus Online account set up & 5 credits

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