DISC Relationship Profiling

DISC Relationship Profiling

DISC Relationship Profiling: Discus Online offers much more than describe a single individual’s DISC personality profile, it takes two people’s DISC profiles and explores the ways they will relate to one another.

A Discus Relationship Assessment helps you understand the complexities of a working relationship. Given the DISC profiles for two different individuals, Discus Online will search for the key features of their relationship with one another, highlighting important areas of synergy between them, and also suggest likely areas of conflict.

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Relationship Dynamics

  • Dynamics are specific relations between DISC factors in each of the two different personality styles.
  • Discus analyses and interprets the relationship dynamics between two people and uses those dynamics to report on the most important features a relationship.

Viewpoints In A Relationship

  • In any relationship, each person will have their own distinct point of view.
  • A Discus Relationship report explores the working relationship from both of these distinct perspectives.
  • The Discus Relationship report is two reports in one as it describes the relationship from each person’s viewpoint (which can often be quite distinct from one another).

Discus Relationship Report Contents

  • A Discus Relationship report brings together all the important features of a working relationship, including the most productive aspects, and areas where they are likely to disagree. Written from both viewpoints, the report also helps you see where differences of perspective can potentially lead to misunderstanding.
  • Relationship reports are a free service to Discus users; as long as you have at least two Discus DISC profiles available, you can create a relationship report for those individuals at no extra charge.
  • Download a sample Relationship Report.

Better Working Relationships

  • Personality is only one aspect within a working relationship, but it is one of the most vital, defining how we connect and communicate.
  • A Discus DISC relationship assessment can help to build more productive relationships in many different ways:
  • Finding common ground, and emphasising areas where two people take a similar approach to their work.
  • Understanding differences of perspective, helping to show how different viewpoints can be equally valid.
  • Uncovering areas of possible future conflict, and preparing to handle them constructively.
  • Highlighting complementary strengths, so that abilities within each style help to build a truly effective working relationship.

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