Discus Team Profiling

Discus Team Profiling

Team Profiling: Discus Online takes DISC profiling to a new level by exploring the roles and relationships within any working team.

Discus Online extends DISC theory by examining how individual members will work together in a team and identifying the role each team member is likely to adopt. The Discus Team Profiler is capable of assessing and describing the structure of any team. The DISC analysis of a team looks at the team as a whole, its leadership, its individual members and the relationships between them.

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Team Profiling: How Discus Models Teams

  • Discus Team Profiling extends DISC theory to broadly describe teams in terms of four team factors: Direction, Communication, Stability and Productivity.
  • From these core, a detailed and thorough exploration of the personality-related features of the team, and the details of its performance, is reported on.
  • View a sample report here >>

Roles Within A Team

  • Discus Team Profiling role model describes members in terms of factors known as Pace, Perspective and Focus. This ‘PPF’ model identifies the attitudes of an individual, and specifies the type of role they’ll perform within the team.
  • By understanding how different roles fit together, you can identify the areas where the team excels, as well as roles that might need to be more represented..

The Challenge Of Leadership

Team leadership brings its own challenges, so Discus provides an extra level of sophistication by reporting on a team leader’s style and creating relationship reports describing how the leader will interact with their team members. Discus Team Profiling also reports on how the leader’s style matches the needs of the group as a whole. With succession planning in mind, Discus also identifies potential leaders for the team.

Building Better Teams

Discus Team Profiling offers a range of ways to assist with selecting the best people to join an existing team, or to form a new team. By defining what you are looking Discus can search your database of candidates to find ideal matches for you. The highly adaptive system changes teh report as your change the members of a ten, thereby making it easy to quickly understand the impact of your changes.

Best of all, to Discus Online account holders, team profiling if free.

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