Free DISC Profile

Free DISC Profile

Free DISC Profile e-Book: What’s Your DISC Profile?

Free DISC Profile e-Book

This  e-book ‘What’s Your DISC Profile?’ contains a Free DISC Profile tool for you to understand your preferred working behaviour.

DISC Profiling is one of the world’s most utilised behavioural profiling tools. In this free e-book by John Belchamber introduces you to the DISC model of behaviour and provides a free DISC Profile tool that allows you to create your own DISC Graph.

In a few pages, you’ll understand the DISC biaxial model and how it applies to the four DISC factors Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. John provides examples of some common DISC profile types before explaining how to use the free DISC Profile tool.

Special Bonus Offer

In order to thank you for downloading this e-book, John also provides a very special offer to help you take your knowledge and application of DISC Profiling to a new level.

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