Internal Recruitment Services

Internal Recruitment Services

If you’re looking to recruit new team members but don’t know where to start and/or can’t afford external recruitment fees don’t despair my internal recruitment services provide a highly effective recruitment solution at an investment your business can afford.

Knowing exactly the type of person you need for your business and then finding them is a skill set that most business owners don’t posses. However, employing an internal recruiter or utilising an external recruitment company is all too often beyond their financial reach too. However, the impact of brining the wrong person into a small business is far greater than it is in the size of business that can afford such resources, so what do you do?

Internal Recruitment Services

I’ve been recruiting and developing people in Australia since 1998 and for many years before that in the UK. I’ve seen recruitment from all sides – as an employer, an internal recruiter and an external recruiter, I he know what it takes to get results and, what it costs not to. But don’t just take my word for it…

Client Testimonial

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with John Belchamber to find me a new sales person. In the past I always attempted to do my own recruiting and failed miserably, more headaches than it was worth. Working with John made the recruiting process a breeze and I now have 2 ethical, enthusiastic and reliable sales people. John Belchamber claims, “If you got people headaches, I’m your pain relief” John that is true to the word. Thank you for being a professional in your field.”

Klaus Ferck
Principal, Lion Realty

Great Internal Recruitment Doesn’t Just Happen –  Contact Me Now!

Whether you’d like me to project manage an end-to-end internal recruitment process, or simply help you with an interview and selection process your investment will not only increase your likelihood of finding the right person for the role, but also your chances of bringing them onboard as a successful member of your team.


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