Learning Facilitator

Learning Facilitator

John’s expertise as a Learning Facilitator covers a broad range of business and interpersonal disciplines utilizing a blend of learning methodologies including the development and delivery of action learning, one-on-one and group facilitated programs. By tailoring programs to suit each businesses needs John ensures that the learning journey is beneficial for all stakeholders.

Learning Design & Development

Before delivering any learning intervention, John ensures that he has a thorough understanding of his clients’ needs as well as those of their people – the aim is to match strategy to development.

Where the client has their own materials, John can deliver their material to suit their requirements. However, where the client requires materials to be developed, John ensures that they receive everything they needs to facilitate their programs internally, including facilitating ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions as required.

Facilitation & Presentation

John has delivered development interventions since the early 1990s. He is known for his fun, participative style of facilitation which ensures that all participants are fully engaged in their l;earning journey. Over the years John has facilitated many types of program including:

  • Action Learning Projects – working with groups to facilitate their learning whilst they work on projects within the business.
  • Facilitated Sessions – strategic planning, process improvement, ideas generation, action planning you name it and John has facilitated a session to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.
  • Learning & Development Programs – John has a wide range of experience developing ‘soft skills’ and learning agility in people at all levels of an organisation.
  • Team Development – utilising DISC and other team development methodologies, John is well known for his ability to work with individuals and teams to develop their performance. Be it classroom based or more experiential programs such as sailing, John can design and deliver a program to suit your needs (and budget).
  • Conference Sessions – John has facilitated a wide range of short sessions ideal for delivery at conferences and retreats.
  • Blended Solutions – combining a range of learning methodologies and technologies to proved a well rounded and effective learning and development program.

Coaching & Mentoring

John works with teams and/or one-on-one to design and deliver Personal Development Plans which can include coaching and/or mentoring elements. Leadership development is a particular speciality. As John says, “why just manage when you can lead!”

Contact John Today to find out how he can assist you and your organisation with your learning journey.



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