Website And Social Media Development

Website And Social Media Development

Websites And Social Media Development – I built my first business website in 1999, and have been developing practical skills in websites and social media for small business ever since. Today, I’ve developed and managed several business websites, blogs and social media channels for myself and my small business clients.

Small Business Websites

Building a website for your small business can be a complicated and expensive process and most ‘techos’ know how to code, but they just don’t understand your business. Even if you have the skills to develop a new website for yourself, you just don’t have the time. That’s where I can help your business.

With years of experience marketing small businesses using the internet, email and social media I understand that you need a fast and simple solution that will get your business noticed. As part of my better business program, I will:

  • Listen To Your Needs – yes that’s right, I said listen! I take the time to understand where your business has been and where you’re leading it before making suggestions for a website and social media solution to suit you. 
  • Provide A Proposal – to make sure that you’re confident I’ve heard what you had to say, I’ll give a written proposal outlining your needs, my suggested solution and your investment.
  • Keeping It Simple – I’m not here to impress you with my technical prowess, I want you to be impressed with how effective and easy your website and social media solution is to use and manage. I use tried and tested website content management solutions such as WordPress so that you can easily be in control of the content of your blog based website.
  • You’re Not Alone –  whilst I’ll train you in maintaining your website, if you prefer I can become your website ands social media manager for a low monthly fee.

Twitter Profile

Social Media Integration

You’ve got your new blog based website, now you want to harness the power of social media to get people talking about your business. Once again, you may already use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (etc.), but do you have the time to set these up and integrate them into your website and marketing strategy?

My business Invoke Results has achieved success utilising its website and social media channels for 80% of its marketing initiatives.

  • Twitter – my Invoke Results twitter feed has 10,800 followers and our DISC Profiler feed has 11,299 at the time of writing. These followers re-tweet our posts to their followers resulting in highly increased traffic to our website and other Social media channels.
  • Facebook – Invoke Results focuses on business-to-business sales, but even with a smaller following on Facebook, we still generate visits to our website from this page. If your business/organisation focuses on business-to-consumer, then Facebook is a must for you.
  • Pinterest – a great way to share visual content linked to your website/social media channels. Currently one of the fastest growing social media channels, it’s a great place to show your personality, products, services and build a positive reputation.

Once again, I start by understanding what you hope to achieve from Social Media before working with you on a strategy to:

  • Set up your Social Media Presence;
  • Develop and publish content;
  • Build your audience; which
  • Drives traffic to your business.

 e-Commerce Websites

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 3.09.51 PMIf you’re looking to start selling products and services via your website, I can set your website up with an e-store and payment gateway within the WordPress based website I develop for you. The professionally designed templates we use can be customised to suit your needs and get you selling fast.

Our solutions are designed with small business in mind, allowing you to get on with what you do best whilst we help you to build a better business.



In Summary

If you are looking for a small business website and social media solution developed by a business person, for use by a business person, contact me now.


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