Online DISC Certification

Online DISC Certification

Online DISC Certification – this video course guides you through the facts and features of DISC profiling from first principles to interpreting DISC graphs.

The course covers topics including:

  • The principles behind the DISC system
  • How a DISC questionnaire works
  • Details about the four DISC factors
  • Useful tools to help create an interpretation
  • A practical overview of DISC in recruitment
  • Integrated self-testing helps reinforce course content
  • Provide full Discus DISC certification on completion of the course

Before you can start the Introduction to DISC course, you’ll first need to buy a passcode from us.

Online DISC Certification Course Content

The course is in four separate sessions, but it’s flexible enough that you can learn at your own pace that suits you. Inside An Introduction to DISC, you’ll find units covering all these topics:

  1. Getting Started
  2. First Principles
  3. The DISC Questionnaire
  4. A First Look at DISC Graphs
  5. DISC Graphs, Factors and Sub-traits
  6. The Dominance Factor
  7. The Influence Factor
  8. The Steadiness Factor
  9. The Compliance Factor
  10. Factors in Combination
  11. The Profile Series and Shifts
  12. DISC in Practice Examples

Each of these units has its own set of interactive exercises as well as a set of training notes for you to download and keep. At the end of the entire course there’s an extensive final set of exercises; complete those, and you’ll be provided with your own customised certificate.

Course Screenshots


Purchase your online DISC certification course using the button below. Once your payment is processed, we will email you your passcode.

Online DISC Certification Course AU$749

If you need further information, please contact me.

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