Sales Team Development

Sales Team Development

The  Sales Team Tune Up Development Program

Sales Team Tune Up - Racing CarSales teams are like race-cars – without regular ‘tuning’ their performance cannot be sustained or improved. The Sales Team Tune Up workshop takes your sales team ‘off road’ to tune-up their sales skills, re-calibrate their thinking and build stronger bonds with their team members. Retuned and refuelled, they’re motivated to get back on the road and set some new track record.

Four Steps To Sales Performance

  1. Diagnose – understand exactly what parts of the sales machine need tuning;
  2. Retune – focus on what will improve sales performance;
  3. Refuel – top up the motivation and energy tanks for the journey ahead;
  4. Accelerate – re-tuned and refuelled, get back out on the road and set new personal bests!

Stage One: Diagnose

Prior to the workshop, each participants completes an SPQ Gold Sales Assessment online. This world-renowned sales assessment diagnoses the participants’ sales behaviours and attitudes and provides detailed information on their areas that need to be tuned if before they will realise their sales potential. The information in the reports is used during the workshop to focus the Retune stage.

Stage Two: Retune

les Team Tune Up - Race Car EngineParticipants are taken ‘off road’ to Binna Burra Mountain Lodge away from day-to-day distractions to focus on retuning their sales skills using the information in their SPQ Gold Sales Assessment.

The retune stage focuses participants onto their sales call reluctances, motivation and goal setting. By understanding the behaviours that are putting the brakes on their sales performance and the activities that will accelerate them participants fine-tune their sales machine.

Action planning is included in the Sales Team Tune Up program to ensure that what is learned on the mountain doesn’t just stay on the mountain. Participants will set themselves sales skills development goals and ask fellow team members to hold them accountable for achieving them.

Stage Three: Refuel

Located in the Gold Coast Hinterland’s Lamington National Park, Binna Burra Lodge provides an ideal escape from the distractions and stresses of life on the sales road. Offering a range of conference facilities, accommodation, catering and team building options – it’s the perfect venue to retune and refuel your sales team.

Binna Burra Conference_Group_Activities

Built into the Sales Team Tune Up program are a range activities designed re-motivate the team. Activities are tailored to suit the participants levels of fitness and interests but might include:

  • Abseiling – basic 10m level or advanced 40m or 90m levels
  • HighRopes Course – 5-7m above the ground
  • Low Ropes – closer to the ground, but still lots of challenges
  • Flying Fox – a 165m long exhilarating ride
  • Rogaining – ‘cunning running’ tests the teams ability to read maps and respond to challenges
  • Initiative Games – problem solving challenges tailored to suit the teams needs and abilities
  • Wild Walks – guided walks from a few hours to a few days can be accommodated at Binna Burra
  • Yoga – refuel the mind and body with a team yoga lesson

Stage Four: Accelerate

By the time your sales team leave the mountain, they’ll be retuned and refuelled and have a plan to ‘hit the road’ again and achieve new personal bests. Participants will hold each other accountable for achieving the goals they set with with their manager’s support, they’re set to achieve new heights in sales performance.

John Belchamber also offers an additional post workshop coaching program to help ensure momentum is maintained. Additional charges are involved for this service.

Accelerate Your Sales Team Now

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