Social Media Management With Hootsuite

Social Media Management With Hootsuite

Social Media Management With Hootsuite: my experience moving to Hootsuite to manage my social media channels.

Social Media Management With Hootsuite

In My 30 Minutes A Day Social Media Management Plan, I wrote about how I manage social media activities for six websites across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn in less than 30 minutes per-day. Since that article, I have begun managing more websites and channels for clients and so I needed to re-think my tools and have made some changes that have saved me money and improved my social media KPIs.

I’m still using Feedly‘s free service to find content to supplement my own content, but because I needed to increase the number of social media channels I manage, I found that Buffer’s pricing plans were more expensive than others available. After looking around, I decided to take up a free 30 day trial of Hootsite Pro.

Hootsuite Features Overview

You’ll recall from my previous article that I loved Buffer because it was only $10 per-month to manage up to 12 social media channels and allowed me to auto-schedule sending content from anywhere on the web, using any device. However, when I found I wanted to go above 12 social media channels the cost rose to $50 per-month. This is when I found that Hootsuite allowed me to manage up to 50 social media channels for $11.99 per-month with the following features:

  • I got a Free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro to try the toolsShareASale_-_Affiliate_Account_Manager_-_Affiliate_Account_Manager_-_Invoke_Reults
  • Schedule and automatically publish 100’s of messages from any device
  • Manage and post to up to 50 Social Profiles
  • Included 1 additional Team Member, but the ability to add up to 9 to your account
  • Measure your reach and track your success with Analytics
  • Send posts using Post Now, manually scheduling a time or us the Auto-schedule feature to send posts at a time that best suits the times your followers are online
  • Plugins for Firefox & Chrome to post anything, from anywhere to all my channels
  • Bulk upload and schedule posts from a spreadsheet
  • Free Social Media Coach telephone support sessions to answer my questions

Whilst I initially missed the ability to set the exact times I wanted posts to be sent each day that Buffer offered, I have found over the three weeks of my trial to date that the options Hootsuite offer work well and, importantly, have grown my followers across the channels I use.

Social Listening

The features above were enough to convince me to give the free trial a go, but once I fired up Hootsuite, I found I loved the search tools that it offers. These allow me to view what’s being talked about on Social media and join in conversations about topics of interest which in turn has helped to grow my following on the channels I’m managing.

I can also search across multiple social media channels for content to post on my channels without leaving my Hootsuite dashboard.

Team Collaboration

Hootsuite allows me to set up teams within my account and communicate with them. For example, I can set a client business up as a team, add the client as a team member and then send them posts I want them to approve and/or send as themselves. I can do this from anywhere on the web using a browser plugin or mobile App and/or from within my dashboard.

Help And Support

I’m a ‘press the button and see what happens‘ type of person, but when I need help Hootsuite offers lots of options. There are the usual user forums and FAQs available from their website but with the Pro account they also allocated me a Hootsuite Coach who has given me 15 minute one-on-one sessions to answer the questions that I had and follow them up by emailing me useful links with more information.


I really loved using Buffer and recommend it for those that want an easy way to schedule posts. However, once you get to 12 or more social media channels and/or want to start getting more serious and collaborative about your social media strategy then seriously consider giving Hootsuite a try.

You can sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial of Hootsuite pro here>>>

HootSuite Social Media Management for Business.

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