DISC Presentations – Using DISC In Sales Negotiation

DISC Presentations – Using DISC In Sales Negotiation

DISC Presentations – Using DISC In Sales Negotiation: this PowerPoint Presentation introduces using the Discus DISC Style Card in Sales negotiation.

Using DISC In Sales Negotiation

Discus_Introduction_And_Using_The_Style_Card_For_Negotiation_Strategies.pptx-3This PowerPoint Presentation has everything you need to introduce your audience to using the Discus DISC Style Card in sales negotiation.

This 18 slides of this PowerPoint presentation include slides on the following:

  • Introducing DISC Profiling – a short history and the Discus DISC tools;
  • Key Applications For DISC – introducing key applications for DISC profiling;
  • The Discus DISC Style Card Factors – The Driver (D), Communicator (I), Planner (S) and Analyst (C);
  • Dealing With The Four Factors – the do’s and don’ts of working with the four main DISC styles;
  • Closing Techniques – how to close the sales.

Who Should Buy This Presentation

Users/Consultants utilising of Discus DISC profiling who wish to educate people on how to negotiate with the four main DISC Styles.

By purchasing this presentation, you are free to re-brand the content to suit your needs and email me with any questions that you may have on delivering the content.

Your license allows you to download the digital file up to 3 times.

$10 Incudes PowerPoint Presentation With Up To 3 Downloads


More DISC Profiling Products

This presentation is one of a range of DISC related products available for purchase in my online store. I hope to provide provide products and services that will enhance your use of Discus DISC Profiling suite of tools.

If you can’t see the product or service you’re looking for and/or have a question about DISC Profiling and its application, please contact me.


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