Do You Wear A Work Mask?

Do You Wear A Work Mask?

Peter Fuda’s video ‘Mask: How leaders conceal imperfections and adopt a persona’ describes how some leaders conceal imperfections by adopting a persona which is misaligned with a their authentic self, values or aspirations. This correlates to my own experience using DISC Profiling and seeing people adjust their behaviours at work by adopting a ‘Work Mask.’

Mask: How leaders Conceal Imperfections And Adopt A Persona

By Peter Fuda

I very much enjoyed Peter’s video (below) which describes the masks that leaders often put on at work. This aligns well with my experience DISC profiling people across industries (and at all levels) since 1998. I very often find that people put on a ‘Work Mask’ when they go to work, adjusting their behaviours from their preferred styles. This may be a short-term adjustment in behaviour, being a response to a current situation. However, sometimes it is a more long-term adjustment. My experience tells me that such changes in behaviour use up energy to keep up. Energy that if the person felt able to use their preferred behaviour would be channelled into more positive outcomes for all.

So, please enjoy Peter’s video. I’ve also provided a link to buy his book ‘Leadership Transformed’ should you wish to learn more about his research findings.


Buy Peter’s Book

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